Your vacations on Maloe Sea on Baikal Lake - nothing to compare with!!!
Yurt Camping is located on the beach of Baikal Lake on Maloe Sea – opposite to Olkhon Island. In addition to this legendary fascinating island one can also see from here Ogoi Island, with its famous Buddhist Stupa. These places are for ages nown as Places of power.


When it's hot, a yurt keeps you cool, and for a colder weather the yurts have stoves. A yurt is the most cosy and environmentally friendly house.


Our Eco Hotel has its oun restaurant designed as a traditional Buryat house. It's a big wooden octagon yurt, very comfortable, with big windows, and what's more - with fantastic cuisine.


The philosophy of open space is fully realised in this sacred place  – our Yurt Camping. The subtle and deep feeling of genuine penetration into nature fills the space and helps to widen the perception of oneself and the world around, to feel its unity.


Every summer we put up yurts, traditional mongol houses, in the clean space near Baikal Lake. Turk people have been using yurts already for ages.


The guests of the Yurt Camping enjoy yoga sessions, seminars, master classes, excursions. An experienced massage therapist gives massage in a special spa yurt.


Our cooks make healthful delicious dishes of environmentally clean products. These are the dishes of vegetarian, Buryat and Siberian cuisine.


The Yurt Camping is equiped with everything necessary for comfortable rest in nature – hot showers and bio toilets. You're welcome –  please come to feel yourself joyful and successful. You'll remember active and healthful vacations in the Yurt Camping for a long time and will be happy to be back!